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This is why From Above is your right partner!

Ein Blick Behind the Scenes

"From Above Film" offers professional videography, moviemaking and photography for commercial uses. Together with our clients we create digital CIs over years. In addiction to that we offer you professional strategies for your social media content. Our capabilities contains the production of live streams aswell.


With our production of "Red Lights by HENRY & Madita (cinematic music video) we have shown, that we can manage a production with a value of over 1.250.000 €.

Thanks to our long experience in filming, direction and editing we can offer a wide variety of professional services for you. This is why we can deliver full in-house productions starting with the conception, the porduction on set with drones and handheld cameras, directing, cut and editing or social media strategies! Combined with our professional equipment we deliver TV-ready movies.

Our drone hangar is completed with our special made car rig; combined with our great expertise in the automotive filming sector, we can caputre high quality car shots for many productions.


We can manage productions with over 250 people over a long period with all the different services a production needs to run professionally. We  convinced many clients with our unconventional but memorable ideas and concepts.

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